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About Us

We Believe in a Better World

In 1972, Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation was founded by Hettie L. Perry.  Before the current shelter in Riverside, California was built in the mid-1980s, Hettie -- affectionately known as The Cat Lady of Pasadena -- and her very patient husband, fed, nursed, groomed and cared for cats in their private home.  Hettie's life was filled with love for helping unwanted homeless cats. 

Hettie named Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation after a cat named "Room 8" that she had read about who was the mascot at a Los Angeles county elementary school for 16 years. 

Hettie worked very hard to make sure she did the best for the cats.  When she passed away in 1996, she left everything she had to the cats to ensure that they would still have a place to live.  Room 8 is now run by a Board of Directors that makes sure Hettie's love for cats lives on.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide care, shelter and successful, loving adoptions of homeless domestic cats;

  • To encourage kindness and responsible care for all animals;  and 

  • To educate the public on the importance of spaying and/or neutering their pets.

Room 8 is a private, no-kill, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends entirely on donations to continue its work and fulfill its mission.  Our no-cage environment provides a safe and caring home for approximately 85 cats awaiting adoption, as well as lifetime care for those who cannot be placed.

Watch a short introduction of the Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation.  Learn about the founder, the purpose, and some of the people and their passion.​

Federal Tax ID # 23-7344513  ♦   All donations are tax-deductible


Jack and Gail Shelton

Jack and Gail both share a love for animals that goes beyond the normal affection of the average person. They see the need for attending to the health and medical needs that each cat might have. Gail has been working and overseeing the daily duties and needs of Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation since 1996 and understands the importance of having a no-kill shelter and encouraging spaying and neutering of domestic animals. Jack has always been an animal lover and, upon meeting Gail, fell in love with her.  They married in March of 2012 bringing together a union of two peoples' compassion for animals.

Assistant Manager

Evaun Anderson

Animals have been a big part of Evaun's life and working at Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation for the last eight years has been a purrfect fit for her!  As the Assistant Manager, she helps run the day-to-day operations, but her passions are special needs adoptions and fostering kittens to help them get a good start in life, medically and socially. 

Board Members

Folks who dedicate their time to helping us succeed!

  • Gail Anderson-Shelton

  • Jack Shelton

  • Linda Adams

  • Desiree Young

  • Jenny Fitzpatrick

Kelly Bonté

Kelly has a huge passion for animals and has loved them ever since she was a little girl. She and her husband have two cats of their own. She was very excited to come on board with Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. Her passion is creating a beautiful website that will help all our cats and kitties find a loving home.

Web Developer / Designer


Frank is an honorary cat with Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation and was owned by a previous staff member. Here is his owner's story:


"When I lived in a house full of roommates and college students, we would often go to Flo's restaurant on Sunday mornings to treat our hangovers with biscuits and gravy. One day, my roommate, Doug, asked if we could have a cat as a house mascot. Unable to think of a good enough objection at the moment, I tried to deflect the question with one of my own: 'What would we call him or her? Certainly, our cat needs a name, right?' I thought this would cause Doug hours or days of deep contemplation (and give me at least enough time to finish breakfast). Just then, the waitress walked behind him and yelled for the busboy - 'Frank.' Doug answered my question in a heartbeat - simply echoing the waitress. So, that was settled and soon a girlfriend brought over a kitten to match the name.


Frank was black with a white shirt and shoes. We bought him a white flea collar and drew a little bow tie on the buckle with a Sharpie because the buckle always rotated to Frank's front. He would look like he had a little tuxedo on whenever he sat and stared at us - which was often.


Frank was my first and only cat so far. I miss him."

Honorary Cat

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