Sponsor a Special Cat Today!

Sponsor a Special Cat Today!

Not all of the cats at Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation are adoptable but they definitely have a right to live out their lives in a safe environment.  They are all WONDERFUL cats but some are feral, while others may be a little too old to adapt to a new home, but all are perfectly happy living their lives here.  Help one or more of these special kitties continue to live comfortable lives by considering the precious gift of sponsorship. Choose one of the cats shown below or let us choose a cat for you!  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to start the donation process!  Meows, Purrs, and Thank You's!

Bentley is a handsome young man who is one of our ferals.  While he is not really able to be handled, he is happy and healthy and likes to hang out in the sunshine in the catio with his other kitty friends.  


Melanie is another one of our ferals.  For the longest time when anyone walked in to Room 1 where she lives, she would hide in one of the cat posts or under the play structure.  When we had the catios closed off because of construction, she was more closely "exposed" to the volunteers and staff who came into the room and now she feels comfortable enough to come out and perhaps even walk by a human!  But she is still pretty feral.


Twisty is a beautiful young panther like cat who has a condition called vestibular syndrome.  It causes her head to tilt.  It comes and goes.  But it doesn't stop her from living a good life hanging out with her cat friends.  She is also pretty feral so she isn't happy having humans try to pet or touch her.


Big handsome tiger boy Barney is a definite presence in Room 8.  But although he can be petted, he would rather have you admire him from afar.  He, too, loves to lounge in the sun with his kitty roommates.


Bailey is soooooooooo handsome and that makes everyone want to go up and pet him but he is also sooooooooooo feral!  Like the other feral kitties, he is happy to hang out with his friends.


You can see how Handsome got his name!  This boy was part of a feral colony but was brought to Room 8 because it was a safer environment for him.  And like Melanie, he calmed down quite a bit during the catio construction and now volunteers and staff can walk up to him and chat with him.  But he is still pretty darn feral.


Ernie is an older guy who is just very wary of humans.  He has been with Room 8 for a long time and is happy here as long as he gets to hang out on his high window perch and watch what is going on around him.


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