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For the last week, T&G Roofing (Upland) has been working on putting a new roof on our cattery.  The old one was 30 years old and in bad shape.  We can't wait to share the finished product with you but until then here are a few photos of the progress:

Day 1: The Old Roof Comes Off!


Day 1: The Old Plywood


Day 2: Here come the Shingles!


Day 6: New facia boards and starting the shingles!


Day 7:  Most of the Shingles are Up!  But it is going to rain tomorrow ...


Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation

Proud recipient of the 2012 Mike Arms/Iams Hero Award

Iams presents the Mike Arms/Iams Hero Award to a person or animal organization that exemplifies the commitment and passion for the lives of orphaned animals .




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