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Watch a short introduction of the Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. Learn about the founder, the purpose, and some of the people and their passion.

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Fur Therapy
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Having a feline friend around can help fill a lonely space, and keep your heart happy. Our cats are healthy, social, and are looking for a new best friend - like you! Consider bringing a Room 8 cat into your home.

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Safe Haven

With the proper advance arrangements, you won't worry about the fate of your companion - if something happened to you. We've got a place where kitty can roam un-caged, and insure their next home is a loving one.

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Rescued from alongside the carpool lane of SR-91, Freeway is in need of funds to cover medical expenses, as well as a permanent home.

Second Chance Kitties
Second Chance Kitties

Many of these cats and kittens were saved from euthanasia, and are now in urgent need of adoption!

"Sponsor Me" Cats
"Sponsor Me" Cats

Some of our tenants are just not adoptable. Consider the precious gift of sponsorship to help these few live more comfortably.